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A few words about VRIKSH the theatre

VRIKSH the theatre is a theatre group which was launched on 16th August 2015 at at Kerala Club, New Delhi. The name VRIKSH or tree is chosen to broadly symbolize the basic concept of this theatre group. The tree having its roots deeply embedded in the soul of the earth cherishes a dream to touch the sky. The canopied foliage of the tree welcomes everyone and provides shade and shelter to anyone who comes to it. VRIKSH, the theatre aims at uniting people in the name of art cutting across the barriers of religion, caste and politics. VRIKSH, the theatre is envisaged as an umbrella of all theatre artists in Delhi.

Our objectives include producing plays and conducting theatre workshops for children and adults. The motto of VRIKSH is art for humanity. While it remains the fundamental thematic guidance for all our productions it has a down to earth practicable ideal content too. We intend to explore the ways to utilize theatre for the wellbeing and welfare of people. We wish to touch the lives of those children whose dreams are waylaid in the streets. We strive to find out novel and innovative means to realize the ideal of an art creation directly benefiting the children living in the streets.

VRIKSH is a registered theatre group under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Registration No: S /2131/ Distt. South/ 2016) and all those who desire to join the group will be enrolled as artists. We plan to begin the activities of VRIKSH with a theatre workshop for the registered artists which will be led by eminent theatre personalities. That workshop will be the platform to initiate the first drama production of VRIKSH.

All productions of the group will go under the collective identity and the common banner of VRIKSH. Our idea is to have one or two productions in a year to present before the lovers of Malayalam theatre in Delhi. VRIKSH, the theatre group is firmly founded on the principle of collectivity. We have just sketched the framework. The structure is built when the artists join.


The micro drama festival by Vriksh the theatre goes by the name Thespis. In this annual event, a string of micro dramas from multiple languages is staged in the national capital. The festival gets its name ‘Thespis’ after a 6th-Century BC actor who is believed to be the first person to have appeared in a play